Why Advertise on the Internet?


As a businessperson, you know the value of promoting your products and services to reach the broadest market but yet focus on local consumers in close proximity to your business.

In today's technological world, you either have a Web site or are considering creating one. However, your business depends on local customers, not people surfing the Internet from out of state. Besides, how will potential customers find your site among thousands of similar sites on the Internet?

The answer is, to promote your business on the Internet within your local community.

This local Web site contains valuable information about Bethpage and the surrounding communities including: Churches and Synagogues, Clubs and Organizations, Government Offices and Officials, Health Services, Library Listings, Parks and Recreational Facilities, Schools, Senior Citizen Services, Zip Codes…including News, Sports, Weather…as well as a Business Directory… Restaurants Reviews…links to incredibly useful sites and much more.


  • Your cost-effective ad is always there each time someone logs on, generating awareness about your business so you have the opportunity to put your product or service in front of them.
  • You never have to worry that your potential customer lost this week's paper or coupon pack that contained your valuable offer which needs to be saved and can only be used once.
  • Because of the valuable information on the site, local residents can use it as a home page and refer to it often.
  • A high percentage of Bethpage and surrounding residents have computers and more are signing on every day.
  • There is increased use of computers and the Internet, with consumers looking for information and shopping.
  • Residents are already using the site for information about their local community.
  • People shop and eat within a 10 to 15 minute radius of where they live.

  • Finally, since 10% of these proceeds are donated to a local not-for-profit organization of your choice, you'll get to improve your image as a community-minded merchant - you'll be supporting an organization that helps to improve the quality of life for the community that supports you. A perfect opportunity to give back to your community! (A letter acknowledging your contribution will be sent on your behalf.)

Secure A Priority Position, While They're Still Available is dedicated to providing valuable content relating to the Bethpage and surrounding communities, and offers well-organized links to sites that were tediously scouted. is continually educating our service area about how all the information they may need is truly at their fingertips. Furthermore, our site is submitted to numerous search engines, as well as publicized locally, to ensure maximum visitors. offers many different ways to promote your business online whether you have an existing Web site or not. 

Banner Ads ‘Virtual Real Estate Space’

A banner is an ad graphic that is usually linked to the advertiser’s site. Like the retail space in the downtown district of your marketing area, it captures immediate attention. Banner advertising offers two-way interactivity with consumers at the point of sale.

Place your banner ad on our home page and/or category page of your choice. If you don't already have a banner ad we can create one for you using the text and graphics of your choice. Your logo can easily be added to complete your Internet presence.

There is only one business type per banner size allowed per page – an exclusive business representation for the banner size you choose. Priority positions are available on a first come basis.

Home Page If you had a chance to ‘rent’ a space in the downtown district of your marketing area, would you select the most visible location and the largest size you could afford? The home page is the best location and priority spaces are available on a first come basis. Be the first in your business type to get the largest, most visible, position.

Your choice of sizes and rates are as follows:

468 x 60 Pixels<15K Bytes

233 x 60 Pixels<7.5K Bytes

154 x 60 Pixels<5K Bytes

Category Pages Maximize the effectiveness of your message with a banner placement on one or more targeted category pages.

Your choice of sizes and rates are as follows:

468 x 60 Pixels<15K Bytes

233 x 60 Pixels<7.5K Bytes

154 x 60 Pixels<5K Bytes


Business Directory Listing

The Business Directory is an online directory of businesses by classifications in the Bethpage and surrounding marketplace. The Business Directory supplies visitors with your basic business information: your name, address, and phone number, including 'hotlinking' to your existing Web site (if you have one, however, you don't need one to be listed), plus maps are made available, and door-to-door directions that lead customers right to your door, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Basic- Receive a basic listing which includes company name,
address, phone number, hotlink to existing Web site………............….$119/year

Basic Plus- Includes Basic plus:

- Bolder font than in Basic

Banner ad advertiser…………………………............………..Included/No Charge

Directory listing only advertiser…………………………….............……$149/year

Additional classification listing – Basic or Basic Plus……..…………....….$ 49/year

Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee: Anytime during the term of your ad/listing you may cancel and receive a full refund of any unused portion of your ad and/or directory listing - no explanation needed!

Order Now - To Lock Up The Largest, Most Visible Positions!

To secure a priority position on our Home Page and/or a targeted Category Page of your choice -- while they’re still available -- and/or a listing in the Business Directory, submit your order now.



Web Site Design and Development

We can design, produce and maintain a Web site that’s customized to fit the marketing needs of your business.

For businesses that have already built Web sites and are ready to expand their reach, offers a quality environment with the traffic volume to drive visitors to their site.

If you don’t have a Web site, can have our designer and developer build a Web site for your business with the look and feel you require – display pictures, graphics and text that let’s our community know you’re there. Place an actual scan of your menu; show off your latest products or post information about your service. Have multiple pages and update your content as much as desired. You can even place printable coupons on your page(s) – the possibilities are endless!

For more information on building a Web site and to have our representative contact you please Email to:

or call:
(local) 516-802-3882, Extension #1
(nationwide toll-free) 1-888-BETHPAGE (238-4724), Extension #1