Why Advertise on the Internet?

Why is an Internet presence an important piece of a marketing plan?

The Internet is redefining the relationship between consumers and businesses, presenting marketers with new opportunities and making shopping easier and more rewarding for consumers.

As consumers have embraced the convenience that the online medium provides, they have made the Internet a necessary part of their daily lives. They appreciate being able to shop for virtually anything they want, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No longer are they limited to the stores in their own cities, nor do they have to battle traffic, crowds, long lines or parking shortages in order to buy something. Consumers can research their potential purchases in a pressure-free environment and can access product reviews from experts and other consumers.

Why the Web is an ideal vehicle for marketing and sales?

The Internet's functionality and usefulness to consumers have made it a powerful medium for smart marketers. Unlike other media, the interactive medium enables marketers to efficiently combine the traditional three-stage sales cycle into a single step:

·  Get attention (branding)
·  Offer information/answer questions (informing)
  Transact/provide service (the sale)

In addition, because the Internet is full of communities based on interests -- rather than just geography -- the medium enables marketers to define and target specific demographic groups more effectively than ever before.

When Greenspan talks, people listen!

If the information above doesn't convince you to take advantage of the Internet's marketing power, then take the former head of the U.S. Federal Reserve’s word for it:

"A significant part of the distribution of goods and services in this country is going to move from conventional channels to some sort of Internet system -- whether it's retail goods or services."

Alan Greenspan
Federal Reserve Chairman
Report to Senate Budget Committee
January 28, 1999

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