Search Engines

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Search Engines
For locating specific information indexed on millions of Web pages.

  • Alta Vista: Search partner with "Real Names" as described below.
  • Direct Hit : "Popularity Engine" ranks pages based on actual usage in addition to relevance.
  • Excite
  • Google: Ranks webpages based on number of links to page in addition to relevance.
    Search partner with "Real Names" as described below. 
  • Hot Bot
  • Lycos

Metasearch Engines
For simultaneous searches of several search engines.

Selected Specialized Search Engines and Databases

  • AltaVista Translations(Babel Fish): Enter text or URL for translations into one of several languages.
  • Ask Jeeves: Searchable "Knowledge base of millions of answers" to frequently asked questions, created by editors.
  • AV Photo finder: The Alta Vista Photo Finder: helps you find millions of colorful and imaginative pictures
  • Search Links: from Search Engine Watch.
  • Web Search: A guide from
  • JAKE: Allows you to find out in which vendor's database a journal title is available.
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Information About Search Engines



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