WELCOME to Bethpage.com

Never before has so much information been so easily available.  More information than you and I will ever need or want is out in this magical resource we call the Internet.  The question is, can we find, and how many ‘clicks’ are we away from, the information we need.  Our goal is to help you find and organize that information all in one convenient location, to shorten the distance between you and the information, so you may save time -- one of your most valuable resources.

Bethpage.com is dedicated to providing valuable content relating to the Bethpage and surrounding communities, while offering well-organized links to sites that were tediously scouted, and many as helpful suggestions by our community’s visitors. All the information you may need or want truly at your fingertips.

Our site contains interesting and valuable information about our community including: Churches and Synagogues, Clubs and Organizations, Government Offices and Officials, Health Services, Library Listings, Parks and Recreational Facilities, Schools, Senior Citizen Services, Zip Codes…including News, Sports, Weather…as well as a Business Directory… Restaurants Reviews…links to incredibly useful sites and much more.

Our Community Forum area will allow you to participate in ‘real time.’  The Community Forum is our own interactive online community, a convenient place where people can go to communicate.  Our residents can go there to discuss a topic and exchange ideas.  This area will let you read and post messages on a comprehensive message list; participate through e-mail, the web, or both; invite others to join; and meet people who share similar interests.  It’s an opportunity to have a single communication channel where each of us can have equal access.  Furthermore, the events and photos areas are accessible to our many community representatives, from our various institutions, clubs and organizations, posting information on community events – virtually everything going on in our community in one resource.

It is our hope that the Community Forum will serve as a tool to stimulate debate on the issues that affect our community; to empower our citizenry to find creative solutions to the problems we face in our everyday lives; helping to strengthen and make Bethpage a better place to live.

Frank Morrone